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Why You Should Start Your Extra Life Campaign with a “Self” Donation

So you’ve just made the decision to fundraise to help kids in your community. If your fundraising total is zero, the most important thing for you to do to kickstart your campaign is to be your own first donor! It might seem counterintuitive, but this simple self-donation can be a game-changer for your Extra Life fundraising success. Here’s why:


A self-donation shows potential donors that you’re serious about helping kids and willing to put your money where your mouth is. Plus, people are more willing to donate to a campaign that looks like it has a chance to reach its goal.


Making that initial donation can light a fire under you and increase your commitment to reaching your fundraising target. It can also jumpstart the progress bar on your fundraising page, making it seem less daunting to potential donors.

A fundraising campaign without any donations is like an abandoned building. People are less likely to come in because they assume you don’t care or you don’t notice.


Be upfront about your self-donation. People expect to see it reflected in your campaign total and they respect that you’re paying attention to your fundraiser.


While a self-donation is valuable, it doesn’t have to be a huge chunk of your overall goal. Aim for a realistic amount that shows your commitment without overshadowing further donations.

Overall, a self-donation can be a strategic move to get your Extra Life campaign off to a fast start.