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Urgent Extra Life Mission

Maybe you love playing on your PS5. Or, maybe you prefer playing monopoly with your family or Yahtzee at the local brewery. No matter your game of choice, this mission is you.

Gaming can be a wonderful way to relax and unwind, and we have an urgent request that will allow patients in CHKD’s Children’s Pavilion to heal through gaming.

CHKD’s mental health team is eager to add fully loaded game systems to the inpatient units in Children’s Pavilion. There are specialized systems made specifically for hospitals, and these particular units have extra safety measures for inpatient mental health settings.

How can you help? Each year, gamers register for Extra Life, a 24-hour gaming marathon in support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. This year’s game day is November 4th, but, participants can choose any day that works best for them. Gamers register and create a fundraising page, pledge to play games, and ask their network (friends, family, colleagues, etc.) to make donations. All funds raised locally benefit CHKD. We are looking for participants, help promoting Extra Life and sponsors (opportunities begin at $1,000).

This year are challenging Extra Lifers throughout Hampton Roads to help raise $30,000 to purchase six total units* – (2) Xbox consoles, (2) Nintendo Switches, and (2) PlayStations. All funds raised through Extra Life beginning today, September 21, will go towards our goal of $30,000, with each $5,000 raised allowing us to purchase one unit.

What are you waiting for? Will you register for Extra Life and help make this a reality for our patients?

Once we hit $30,000 raised, Extra Life will be recognized with a plaque within Children’s Pavilion, in recognition of the fundraising that Extra Lifers have done, and encouragement for others to register to Change Kids’ Health to Change the Future with us. All funds raised will be part of a larger $75 million fundraising goal to help light the way to better mental health care for kids.

We hope you will join us on this mission!