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Your ultimate checklist for Extra Life United: Online Edition

Correction, the due date to sign up for tournament games is April 5.

COVID-19 has overturned a lot of upcoming IRL events, Extra Life United included. However, the show must go on, and we have organized an online version of the event Extra Life United: Online Edition!

The shift toward a digital venue has changed many of the details, so we have compiled a handy checklist to help you navigate the new experience before the fun runs from April 7-9, 2020.

☐ Create Your Page

If you are starting at square one, head over to the Extra Life United: Online Edition website. This site is different from the Extra Life 2020 fundraising site. You will need to register, a process made easier if you are already registered for the year-long event. This page allows us to apply your tournament winnings to your fundraising account.

Additional fundraising done through the Extra Life United site unlocks additional incentives at $62 USD. Read more.

Tournament winnings do not apply toward incentives.

Sign Up for the Tournament

After you have created your page, you can sign up for the Extra Life United tournament. Signups will be handled through Smash.  Check your email for a link to the Smash site. Those who sign up for the tournament (on Smash) but who don’t set up their page on the Extra Life United site by April 5 will be removed from the tournament.

Check out our tournament games. You can opt into all seven if you’d like:

You must sign up for your games by 10:59pm April 5.

Download + Share on Social Media

Social media is the lifeblood of Extra Life. Once you have signed up, be sure to download the official images for the Extra Life United 2020 event and share on your personal channels. OR…. You can just click on, save and share this image:

Here’s a sample message:

Join me in playing games to heal kids during @ExtraLife4Kids’ tournament, #ExtraLifeUnited: Online Edition April 7—9, 2020. [YOUR LINK]

Be sure to include a link to your unique fundraising page when you share on social media.

Plan a Fundraising Stream with Stream Overlays

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are home and hungry for content. Now is the perfect time to set up a stream. To help you get started and look professional, we’ve created a handy Broadcast Toolkit that will give you all of the tools to make your stream appealing to viewers. We especially recommend using the custom Stream Overlays.

Here’s an example of an overlay:

Fundraising incentives include limited edition patches, shirts, a custom lighting fixture, headsets, monitors, graphics cards, and even consoles! Head over to the Extra Life United site to learn more.

Make Use of Livestream Extensions

Livestream extensions can be a huge help if you are getting deeper into streaming. Extra Life has a new Twitch extension that connects your stream with your current fundraising numbers. It works as a great reminder of how close you and your audience are to reaching fundraising goals and showing who the top contributors are in your community. Extensions can be a bit tricky to set up, so we created a handy guide to setting it up.

Tune In

One thing that helps an online event get more attention is more people dedicating time to watch it. Plan to watch our entire stream during Extra Life United on Twitch at Here’s the schedule:

Join the Extra Life Discord

Discord has become the best way to keep up with everything going on in the Extra Life community. Join the passionate and friendly people that help to make Extra Life one of the best communities in gaming. Tons of great people are just waiting to help you stream, give fundraising tips and tricks, or just hang out and be friends. Join us on Discord today!

Make the First Donation

Momentum has been scientifically proven to be a significant factor when it comes to fundraising. People are exponentially more likely to donate when they see that others have done the same. Making the first donation to your own fundraiser can improve your total fundraising by over ten times compared to those who decline to self-donate. It’s all going to a good cause, so get the ball rolling yourself to raise more money for the kids!

Have you checked off all these items? Then you’re set up for success during Extra Life United: Online Edition. We’re so excited to rally to support our local children’s hospitals April 7-9. See you there?!