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And the Guild Achievement Award Winners are….

Our Extra Life Guild volunteers help save kids’ lives. We want to recognize the amazing things that they do throughout the year! That’s why we created these awards. Because they deserve it.

Introducing, the Extra Life Guild Achievement Awards! These awards are meant to recognize the outstanding work happening across the US and Canada through our 80+ guilds!

Best Special Event — Indianapolis

The Indy Guild hosted their annual gaming marathon on Game Day, Nov. 4! Over the course of 25 hours, the Guild raised more than $140,000 for Riley Hospital for Children.

Best Collaboration — Hartford

“The partnership with our local Microsoft Store has been an excellent collaboration and great for our Guild. The goal of this partnership was to create more awareness for Extra Life here in Connecticut. This collaboration was important to the Guild because not only did it help us to recruit more new participants in Extra Life, it also helped them to be more successful with fundraising.”

Best Community Engagement —London

“We understand that one of the best ways to grow the Extra Life community is through community engagement. By hosting events, local participants and Guild members are able to bring individuals from their personal networks, who then may be interested in joining Extra Life themselves. This acts as a continuous cycle, as those members then bring people from their personal networks. The Extra Life London Guild meets monthly at Children’s Health Foundation to discuss ways to grow our community as well as to plan local events. This year we tried to implement more community events where individuals, involved with Extra Life or not, could support us and learn more about what we do.”

Best Facebook Group — Boston

Like, Love, Wow! Your official Extra Life Facebook Groups are a place to engage and get to know your fellow Extra Lifers and to organize local Extra Life events in your area. 

The Boston Extra Life Guild saw a 55% increase in Facebook group members, thousands of comments and reactions nearly 500 hundred posts throughout the year. The Boston community leverages their Facebook group as tool to engage volunteers and local fundraisers alike who are supporting Boston Children’s Hospital through Extra Life.

Most Events — Philadelphia

An active Guild is a healthy Guild. Attending conventions, hosting social gatherings or helping other local Extra Lifers with their events builds a network of support for your local Guild.

The Philadelphia Extra Life Guild members attended 13 events throughout 2018, where they diligently recruited, fundraised and shared Extra Life with thousands of gamers. Thanks for your support of the kids treated at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia!

Most Improved — Columbia—Jefferson

You’ve grown stronger, become more powerful than you were previously, all in the name of kids!

Our Extra Lifers in Columbia-Jefferson City were an important part of the tremendous 124% growth we saw in fundraising and nearly 39% growth in participation in 2018! Great work!

Overcoming Adversity — Puerto Rico

“At the end of the Extra Life 2017 season, our San Juan Guild was faced with a catastrophic event called Hurricane María. This atmospheric event destroyed most of the electric grid and communications networks in our island, leaving our Guild literally unable to communicate between ourselves and the rest of the world for weeks. In our desperation to take care of our families and trying to get back to “normal”it was my belief at that moment that our season of fundraising with the program had come to a screaming halt. Boy was I wrong.

The results where incredible. On September21, 2017 when the Hurricane hit, the Guild was at $15,416.49. We were in the dark for about a full month after the first communications started to happen and because of the San Juan Guild effort and the strategy change we ended the year with $81,665.80.

This Guild showed me how committed this family is to each other and to the cause when literally the first person that I had phone communication with after weeks was our Guild President. I don’t know how he did it but he got through and his first words were, “Where are here, we are ready to go, what can we do”.”

To find out how you can get involved or if there is a guild or active volunteer group near you, visit our official Discord or visit our Guild directory.