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Bungie Foundation wins Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ 2019 Emerging Partner of the Year Award

The Emerging Partner of the Year Award goes to a new Children’s Miracle Network Hospital partner who has supported our work for three years or less. This partner approaches fundraising in an innovative and impactful way for our 170 member hospitals.  Congrats to the incredible folks at the Bungie Foundation for their remarkable efforts to change kids’ health, change the future!

This past fall, the Bungie Foundation organized the Game2Give event to benefit Extra Life. Bungie galvanized thousands of fans of Destiny 2, as well as a wide array of gaming influencers, to fundraise #ForTheKids over a three-week time frame. They also offered in-game incentives to increase fundraising momentum in this unique activation. 

We were blown away when this campaign raised $1,700,000 USD in just three weeks!

5,500 Guardians committed to fundraise for Extra Life and over 40,000 people rallied to donate to their efforts. To learn more about this activation and their unique approach to utilizing in-game incentives check out this blog.

Congrats to the Bungie Foundation for their creative hard work. We are so thrilled to honor them with the 2019 Emerging Partner of the Year Award and look forward to working together on more innovative ways to play games and heal kids!

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!