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Extra Life Community Council

Extra Life is one of the top gaming fundraising programs in the country, and one way we stay relevant to our participants is by connecting with them and hearing their feedback. The Extra Life Community Council is a new initiative, and this council will serve as direct-to-participant communication to help the Extra Life team identify trends and opportunities to inform the Extra Life program.

This council will contribute to discussions with the Extra Life Community Manager, allowing for brainstorming and feedback sharing. This info will be shared with the Extra Life team to inform decision as we continue to improve the program.

The council members were selected based on a wide set of criteria by the Extra Life Community Manager. The criteria includes newer and veteran Extra Lifers, team captains, Guild Advisors, games industry professional, company team members, and fundraisers of all sizes. This is not a permanent position, and if it proves successful other Extra Lifers may be invited in the future. While you may not have been selected to be in the inaugural Extra Life Community Council, it is possible to be selected in the future.

Now, it is my pleasure to introduce the 16 members of the Extra Life Community Council!


SapphireFox is a mother of two small children in Northeast Ohio and a harbinger of chaos. Nothing is too icky, slimy or disgusting when it comes to charity, and she’s often times found pushing her limits for fundraising.


Kendrisite is a family creator that promotes innovation and creativity for all ages. He said, “as a US ARMY Veteran, I take family seriously. I love Extra Life, and I am looking forward to working together in the near future!”


“Hey, Hi, Hello! I’m BlairBears, an Extra Life Charity VTuber found primarily on Twitch! Everything I do is 100% for the benefits of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and I’m so glad to be on my 9th year of helping kids. I’m a VTuber because I like to keep my content family-friendly with a community that is wholesome and welcoming for all ages, so I wanted to represent myself in a fun and innovative way. With my model, I could turn into an actual Raccoon, change into any costume on command, and have fun donation incentives to help kids while putting a smile on our viewers’ face. Thank you to everyone for your support forever and always. Whether you’re donating, fundraising, or lurking in Twitch chat, you are making a HUGE difference in the lives of so many, and I am so heckin’ grateful.”

Sean Rooney

Sean Rooney is an Extra Lifer from Canada whose son, Dominic, was diagnosed with leukemia at 11 months old. Sean started blogging about the heartbreaking journey and has raised more than $250,000 for the Alberta Children’s Hospital with the #Dominicstrong community.


TheLoopyWalrus, or Loopy, is a Twitch streamer who has been fundraising for Extra Life since 2020.  His gaming streams focus on World of Warcraft, Pokemon, and a variety of Metroidvania and Platformer titles. Loopy is the captain of the “SUS Squad” Extra Life team who are known for doing ridiculous, embarrassing, and often very messy challenges to raise money for their local CMN Hospitals!


“My Name is Ness, and I am an Extralife Team Captain for Half Best Friends. This is my 4th year raising money for Samaritan Children’s Hospital for Watertown, NY. My gamer/streamer name is PanickedNess, this is code for chaos gremlin whenever playing games by myself and with friends!”


“I’m SpazoidBunny, a professional animator by day and gamer by night. My hobbies include herding cats, apologizing for my taste in video games, and neglecting to update my IMDB page. I’m just happy to be here.”


“Hey, I’m Roshocker, and I love sports, sports, and more sports. Most of all, I love giving back to the community!”


“Hey there, I’m SaltyPirate, a Canadian with a passion for my family, gaming and fundraising. Extra Life was the perfect fit! Over the past 9 years I’ve slowly increased my support for McMaster Children’s Hospital in an effort to show my girls how good it feels to help others in need. We love blending community impact with our family adventures. Like all Extra Lifers, I aim to make a genuine difference with my fundraising efforts and leave a positive mark in my community.”

Heather Storm

Heather Storm is a cozy & 3rd person action game live streamer who’s been fundraising with Extra Life for 7 years. Her favorite games include Kingdom Hearts, Animal Crossing, and Fortnite (Battle Royal AND creator made islands). Fun fact: Heather’s day job is as a Creator Evangelist at Epic Games, helping the creator community make games with UEFN published to the Fortnite Ecosystem. When she’s not playing games or working, you’ll find her cuddled with her dogs making crochet and knit art.


Harrison/Hark is driven by his passion for kindness, tabletop gaming, and dance. Since joining Extra Life in 2018, Hark has rolled countless dice, attempted food challenges, worn silly costumes, and danced his way to be very close to earning his $10k challenge coin.


DncingRetsuko is a variety streamer and Guild Advisor supporting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Outside of chaotically cozy gameplay, she also enjoys crocheting and doodling to raise funds and awareness for Extra Life.


“Hello! My gamertag is Rufio and I’m in my 11th year raising funds for Extra Life for KU Medical Center. I love acting like a kid, playing just about any game under the sun, and secretly want to be a hype man in some band (low risk, high reward, and only need one awesome word).”

Brian Fuhrman

Brian “The Golden Voice” Fuhrman takes charge of the mic and demonstrates exceptional fundraising skills at ModSquad, Inc. He has actively participated in Extra Life for the past seven years and hosted ModSquad’s Extra Life stream for the last five years. Through his efforts, he has raised a total of $20,287.91 for the Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida and has contributed to ModSquad’s overall fundraising total of $423,306.83.


“I’m Trevo. Everyone deserves healthcare. Until we reach a point in society where the act of charity is no longer a necessity, I will continue to do what I can to help the most vulnerable members of our community: our children. I’ve been involved with Extra Life for over a decade now, it provides a fantastic vessel for fundraising that makes the process fun for everyone involved and allows participants a ton of room for creativity and inclusion to fundraise in ways that work best for them and their communities.”

Green Lantern

Green Lantern has been fundraising for Extra Life for 9 years, and he supports Christus Shreveport-Bossier Health System. He is an Airman and a proud supporter of Extra Life and helping the kids of his community. His favorite games are Halo and Monopoly.