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Extra Life United 2024 Games and Creative Contests!

We hope people feel the HYPE around Extra Life United tournament at Ignite: Peer to Peer Leadership Conference this year! Starting off with our video games, Extra Lifers can play the following games and a mystery game:

Next up, I’m happy to introduce our tabletop games:

An important note for the Extra Life United tournament: Players must be registered for Extra Life United to compete in any of the video or tabletop game brackets with a maximum of four total games per player. Game sign-ups will take place at the end of May. Each game bracket is limited to 128 players. 

On to the Creative Competitions! This year we are hosting three creative competitions online and one in-person at Ignite! More details will be posted in the future about the Creative Competitions, but here are the categories:

  • Cosplay
    • Professional Cosplay – Online Contest
    • Amateur Cosplay – Online Contest
    • Closet Cosplay – Cosplay made of clothing that was purchased or found in your closet. Little to no alteration of the clothing. This will be the in-person contest.
  • Design an Extra Life Hoodie – design a hoodie you would love to see Extra Lifers from all over the community wear with pride! Online Contest

Look out for more info regarding the Creative Contests in the near future. All submissions for the Professional Cosplay, Amateur Cosplay, and Hoodie Design contests will be submitted in the Official Extra Life Discord server. You do not have to be registered for Ignite/ELU to enter the online contests.