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Finding and talking about your “why”

“The why finds you. You will inevitably know someone, or know someone who knows someone who needs a children’s hospital. You’ll know many more if you talk about it – many of your closest friends likely have experiences with these places that you don’t even know.” @Sean Rooney

Why I Extra Life

It may seem odd to make “Extra Life” a verb, but the incredible Extra Life community continues to play games to change kid’s health and change the future. Year after year, since 2008, our passionate and generous Extra Life community has grown and continues to grow. So, naturally to do “good” for this community via gaming means to “Extra Life.” Our reasons for doing what we do may vary, but we are all here for the purpose of helping the lives of kids in member hospitals of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals across the US and Canada.

Here are some other “whys” from the community. Consider sharing your “why” via social media, email or on your Extra Life participant page:

“I participate in Extra Life every year because [member hospitals of] Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals saved the lives of both my nephews.  

When Hunter was born, his heart was struggling to beat properly and his lungs were underdeveloped. A representative from CMN Hospitals would talk to the 12-year old Aunt Blair at the time, who was spending every day in the hospital with her sister, and reassure her that Hunter will be OK and grow perfectly healthy. They were right. Hunter is currently a little nerdy kid who is addicted to Monster Trucks and Fortnite. He loves Sly Cooper and when I told him I won 4th place against 300 people at the ELU tournament, he so nicely responded with, “You didn’t get 1st?” Love you, bubs. 

Lucas was born prematurely. He was incredibly weak and fragile after birth, and had to stay in the hospital a few months after, with regular check ups throughout his life. Lucas was born after Hunter, so I already had full trust and support for the folks in the hospital, and had no worries at all. Lucas is also a little, or not so little since he’s almost taller than I am!, gamer as well, who makes me laugh with his funny faces and is a martial arts master. Love you, Lukie Pie

I play because I want to see so many other kids grow up safe, healthy, and into little nerds like my nephews did. If I can help by doing what I love best? It’s a win in my book.” BlairBears

How to talk about your “Why”

As you can see, one of the best ways to share your “why” is to speak from your experiences. Honest storytelling about how children’s hospitals have affected you or someone close to you is a powerful tool to help support your fundraising efforts for Extra Life and your Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

Here is another great example of sharing your “why”:

“I’ve been raising money for children’s health for over 5 years, and every year it becomes more and more important to me. Over the last year, I’ve gotten some diagnoses for various issues that, if I could have been diagnosed with as a child, I would have had an even better quality of life. But I was scared to ask help, I didn’t understand the system, I didn’t trust doctors, and I didn’t know that anything was really wrong. 

I’ve learned a lot since starting to raise money for Children’s Hospitals about the additional challenges kids with severe problems face. From isolation to confusion, and even depression and anxiety, something I’m deeply familiar with. 

I strongly believe that kids should be able to be kids, no matter what scary things they are facing. Children’s Hospitals are only a part of the solution, but I know that in small & big ways, the money raised here helps. It helps cover the cost of items like preemie baby diapers, a switch to destress and play games, or VR rigs to help kids in rehabilitation for physical issues, every dollar goes to making sure the next generation gets to be the best, healthiest generation yet, while still letting kids play and learn and grow.” Heather Storm

There are so many stories like this across our community! What is your “why” and how did you find it, or it you? Share in the comments below!

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help local kids across 170 member hospitals of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!