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Guild FAQs

This FAQ should be considered a work in progress. New questions and answers will be added as they come up. In the meantime, feel free to make a post and ask your question. A member of the Extra Life team will get back to you with the answer. Your question might even end up in this FAQ!

What is an Extra Life Guild?

An Extra Life Guild is a group of passionate Extra Lifers who want to get more involved and help strengthen the Extra Life community on a local level. We consider you to be local Extra Life Experts. The Guild should meet once a month to find ways to help grow the Extra Life movement. Guild members will have the opportunity to attend local gaming industry events and conferences, chat with other elite members of the Extra Life community and meet some of the kiddos that are treated at their local children’s hospital!

What do Extra Life Guilds do?

  • Meet monthly to plan recruitment efforts
  • Attend conventions and other events
  • Play togetherWhat is the Guild structure? How are we organized?Isn’t that a lot of work for just 3 people? We need more officers!In general, we strongly discourage the creation of additional positions or officers. In theory this sounds as if it will inspire additional attendance or greater involvement, but in practice it dilutes the responsibilities and structure of the Guild. Often to the point where the general membership is confused as to who is responsible for what projects or who to approach about an opportunity which may lead to that opportunity being lost.I have a great idea for an event for the Guild to raise money. Where should I start?Honestly, you probably shouldn’t. Guilds are intended to attend events not create them. A Guild that attends an event and registers an average of 10 new Extra lifers has more impact than any event you are likely to put together. Every person you register has a potential impact of $100. Registering 10 new Extra Lifers an hour is comparable to raising $1000 an hour. Once you factor in planning time, the odds are almost zero that your event will return that kind of result per hour.

    How much does it cost to join my local Guild. Are there dues or fees?

    Nothing! Just like Extra Life itself, joining and participating in your local Guild is 100% free. The only thing we ask of you is some of your time to help staff local events and recruit new Extra Lifers.

    How do I form an Extra Life Guild in my area?

    Guilds are selected and built by the Extra Life team at Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. Extra Lifers can’t start an official guild on their own.

    We select potential Guild cities based on a number of criteria. Primarily this involves the existing Extra Life activity in the area and the ability of the local hospital to support the Guild program.

    Once that criteria is met and a few conversations with the Extra life Team and Hospitals take place to make sure we have all the tools and support in place, we get you on our roll out schedule (usually in February of each year) and start planning your Guild launch.

    Interested in getting more involved?

    Check out the guild Forums section and click on your city’s name to visit your local Guild Forum. Make a post in the forum and introduce yourself. Each Guild’s forum section is used to brainstorm ideas on how to spread the word about Extra Life, share official Extra Life updates and announce upcoming Guild meetings.

    • Leadership Council: President, Vice President, Secretary.

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!