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How to actually ask for donations

We don’t always get what we ask for, but we’re guaranteed to never get things we don’t ask for.  Yes that’s confusing, but it’s also true.  But a lot of Extra Lifers aren’t sure where to begin asking for donations, or they make a few social media posts, see no return, and just give up.  Well why don’t we just fix that right now with 10 things you can do to raise more for the kids with Extra Life!

Here we go!

Use your fundraising page to send emails

Within minutes you can talk to everyone you know, see who answers and donates, send thank you messages, and much more.  If you aren’t using the email tools you’re missing out on an excellent fundraising opportunity.

Connect your page with social media

As part of your setup process, we strongly recommend that you connect your social media accounts with your Extra Life account.  This will help you spread the word, ask for donations, and rally your online friends to the cause.  Your friends want to help you succeed, and this is an easy way to keep them up-to-date on your progress!

Update Early! Update Often!

It simply isn’t enough to make a tweet or a facebook post a couple of times and to think that you’ve asked everyone.  Most tweets go unread, and I don’t think anyone fully understands how Facebook decides which of your friends get to see things.  Plus it usually takes someone seeing your appeal up to 3 times before they’ll even notice it.  Jason West, a leading Extra Lifer who plays for Children’s Hospital of Boston and his wife Maria post DAILY, and keep the kids they’re playing for top-of mind for everyone in their reach.  Keep it fresh and keep it going.

Tell local businesses you mean business!

As a human being on this planet, you are basically required to spend money on things.  From your doctor’s office to the coffee shop where you get your fix each morning to the dry cleaners, there are people who are grateful for your business, and will be honored to be asked to support your efforts for local kids.  Be sure that you tag them in posts and tell everyone you know in your area when they do!

Hold a % of the proceeds night

Much like my last suggestion, local businesses make their name on what they can do for the local community.  Why not ask one to hold a night where a percentage of proceeds go to Extra Life (through you of course).  Then just get out there and drive your neighbors and friends in for that night.

Have others sign the shirt you’ll be wearing for a donation

Here’s a fun one.  Find a shirt that you’re okay sacrificing, and declare it your game day shirt.  Tell everyone this is the shirt you will wear on game day, and for a donation of XX dollars they can sign it any way they want to.  Be prepared for a pile of donations and possibly for some suggestive arrows and circles.  Hey it’s for the kids!

Bake, knit, craft!

Lots of Extra Lifers have done this  one with great success.  Brian in Pittsburgh made some brownies, slapped some Extra Life stickers on them, put them out in his break room with a sign asking people to leave a donation for a brownie, and later discovered he’d turned about $4 in flour into about $30 for the kids.  Now THAT’S a sweet return! Can you craft?  Can you knit?  Can you groom pets?  Use your talents to unlock more donations!

You’re never too old for odd jobs

This one goes without saying.  Send an email to your local friends telling them you’d like to come by and wash their car or clean their gutters (be safe!) in return for a donation of their choosing to your Extra Life effort.  You’ll be surprised by how far above and beyond people will go to help you reach your goal, especially when it’s all going to stay local for local kids.


This is another popular tactic used by Extra Lifers, especially those that stream their play.  Tell your potential supporters that for X donation you’ll play whatever game they want, even My Little Pony Adventures.  Be prepared for some serious generosity, and some serious humiliation when they take you up on this.  Destructoid’s Jim Sterling did something like this a few years ago where supporters paid to make him sing various ditties in SingStar.  12 hours into it Jim’s voice gave out, but not before he’d raised THOUSANDS of dollars for the kids!

The most important tip

You might not get everything you ask for, this is true, but you will for certain not  get 100% of what you don’t ask for.  You have to ask, it’s part of being an Extra Lifer.  We put ourselves out there and some people will ignore us, but if we ask enough we make miracles.  Our kids can’t quit their fight any more than you can quit asking.

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!