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Team ArenaNet Crosses a Million-Dollar Milestone for Extra Life

At Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, we witness the incredible power of gamers and their communities coming together for a shared purpose: helping the children and families served by our member hospitals. Today, we celebrate a team of gamers that has taken their support to a new level!

ArenaNet staff members posing for a photo with the Extra Life Partner of the Year trophy.

Since joining Extra Life in 2016, Team ArenaNet has embarked on a journey to change kids’ health and change the future, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of countless children and families. Their dedication, creativity, and unwavering commitment have culminated in a monumental achievement: surpassing $1 million raised for Extra Life!

This isn’t just a number; it’s a testament to the collective passion and tireless efforts of every individual who has contributed to Team ArenaNet’s success. From the developers who craft special in-game items, to the streamers who broadcast marathon sessions, to the Guild Wars 2 community members who donate their time and resources, each and every one has played a vital role in this incredible achievement.

Their impact extends far beyond the dollar figure. Team ArenaNet’s dedication has translated into life-saving equipment, innovative treatments, and essential support for families facing unimaginable challenges. It has brought smiles to children’s faces, fueled their hope, and reminded them that they’re not alone.

On behalf of the Extra Life team, and all of us at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, thank you, Team ArenaNet! You are champions for children’s health, and your $1 million fundraising milestone is a beacon of inspiration for everyone who believes in the power of gaming to make a difference. We are humbled by your dedication and excited to see what incredible heights you reach in 2024 and beyond!