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What Extra Lifers are Doing Over Tabletop Appreciation Weekend August 19-21, 2022

Tabletop Appreciation Weekend is back, August 19-21, 2022!

This marks the sixth year Extra Life has set aside a weekend in August for our tabletop gamers to gather and play their favorite games to support local member children’s hospitals.

Magic the Gathering? Dungeons & Dragons? Risk? Whatever you enjoy playing with your friends and family can be both fun and help those in need.

Here are just a few things some of our amazing Extra Life community members are doing over Tabletop Appreciation Weekend:

Extra Lifer CactusRoseAmber is hosting a “Choose Your Own Adventure” stream on 8/20 at 7pm Eastern. Chat can donate to change rolls/fate of the characters.

We’re so excited that this year a number of passionate and influential creators including members of Tabletop Live Network (TLN) are supporting Tabletop Appreciation Weekend. TLN is a monthly livestream board game marathon composed of dozens of Twitch channels from around the world. The group is excited to work together to complete their goal to raise $5K+ for their local member children’s hospital. Participating members include The Brothers Murph, Ruel Gaviola, Paula Deming, Board Game Blitz, and many more. Support the team fundraising goal and tune in on

If this is you, DON’T WORRY! There is still plenty of time to get something planned:

Including, but not limited to, things like this:

Is this inspiring you to plan something for Tabletop Appreciation Weekend? That’s great! Are you interested in broadcasting your role-playing, board gaming, or rules-wrangling? Download our tabletop + Extra Life themed streaming overlays here. And if you can’t support Tabletop Appreciation Weekend this year, no worries! (new Extra Lifer alert — congrats!!!)

Sign up for Extra Life on DonorDrive or Tiltify to change kids’ health to change the future for children treated in member children’s hospitals around the U.S. and Canada by playing games! Whether you’re into board games, video games, crafts, etc., there is a place for you at Extra Life!