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2019 | A Powerful Year for Extra Life

2019 was such an amazing year for Extra Life. Not only is today an important day to celebrate everything that we accomplished it 2019, it’s also powerful day to look back on the past ten years. Check out this recap of some of the most inspiring moments from the past decade for Extra Life.

We are proud to announce that in 2019, well over $14 million USD has been raised for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through Extra Life. Cumulatively, the passion of charitable gamers has now raised over $70 million USD for our member hospitals since 2008. Wow!

Check out this video recapping this remarkable year Extra Life had:

We see you Extra Lifers who are committed to continuing to stream in the middle of the night, sometimes feeling so alone in the process. We are so grateful for the ways you work to invite other local gamers into your community, creating a powerful fundraising force for the kids in your backyard. We are blown away by the creative ways you each reinvent the Extra Life model; Here’s a few inspiring moments from 2019 where our community redefined Extra Life:

In Milwaukee, Ryan Clancy broke the pinball Guinness World Record.

Hundreds united alongside Champion Kid Allison to celebrate Pride and raise awareness of the transgender medical services offered in our member hospitals.

The team at Games You Should Know in Calgary crafted a fully functioning 9ft tall Game Boy.

So many of you helped Magic: The Gathering raise over $730,000 USD by buying My Little Pony Magic cards.

Over 40,000 fans of Destiny 2 joined forces with the Bungie Foundation to raise $1.6 million USD this past fall.

Thousands of people strapped into our Human Claw Machine at E3 and TwitchCon taking home amazing prizes.

There are so many more inspiring stories. We know that in 2020 you will continue to raise the bar of creative and powerful fundraising for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. We wish you the happiest New Year and hope you’ll sign up to support Extra Life in 2020 as well.

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!